53% of all site traffic comes from organic search

organic search traffic and analytics

A recent study confirms the importance of organic search traffic.

According to a study by BrightEdge:

  • Organic search traffic accounts for an average of 53.3% across all industries.
  • Organic traffic is outpacing growth in other channels.
  • B2B companies generate 2X more revenue from organic search than from any other channel.
  • In B2B, combined organic and paid traffic account for 76% of traffic.
  • 68% of all website traffic comes from combined organic and paid traffic. 53% from organic with paid accounting for 15%.
  • Traffic appears to be shifting from social and display, to organic and paid.

The growth of Organic Search

Organic traffic continues to perform and grow despite all the recent changes we’ve seen in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Despite the increase in featured snippets, zero-click results, quick answers, videos and local packs, organic continues to perform.

Social shows a minimal impact

Social channels account for the least amount of site traffic, being responsible for as little as 2.7% and delivers less than 1% of revenue on average. In fact, results delivered by social media remained the same as when they first conducted the study (five years ago).

Whereas organic traffic share has seen a steady increase.

Could this mean your social media marketing efforts are better spent in striving for organic search traffic? In content marketing? Hard questions to answer and ones that need to be considered in context.

People consume social content differently, their intent is usually very different to when performing a search or clicking on a paid result. Branding and assisted conversions should also be considered.

Revenue share

organic revenue recent research from Brightedge

Organic Search accounted for the most revenue at 44.6%. The biggest percentage of organic revenue was in the B2B space.

The difference between other channels was less dramatic. This is hardly surprising considering the role organic plays in the initial discovery process.

People are more likely to use other channels (and convert) when they have a better understanding of the problems, solutions, and providers available.

What does this mean?

Organic matters. And will continue to do so. Search engines are continually getting smarter and better at matching content to searcher’s intent. Google’s recent algorithm updates, all attest to this.

Searcher’s intentions are being better met through organic search.

While social media marketing remains to be an important aspect of marketing and developing awareness, it’s increasingly important to concentrate on organic and paid.

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