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Some of our friends, current and former clients

John and his team did a fantastic job designing, coding and optimizing our website.

He was engaging to work with, thorough in his analysis and recommendations, and very timely with deliverables.

I would definitely recommend working with John Kramer Marketing.
Mike Sommers
I have had the privilege of working with John on many different projects over the past 6 years.

He is quick to respond, focused on achieving the goal and thinks outside the box to provide each client with a unique, one-of-a-kind approach.

I would not hesitate to recommend John for any project that requires effective communication, amazing service and top-tiered deliverables.
George Georgas
We’ve been working with John for a while now, and we feel fully supported in technical SEO.

John is professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive.

As a team and business, we can truly rely on his expertise, and we know that he always delivers excellent results.

Strongly recommended!
Katarina Hawkswood
We never really appreciated the impact a great website would have.

Our business is invariably word of mouth and recommendations, but the impact of the website has been incredible.

Even some of our existing customers now contact us via the website. Business has never been so good and has forced us to hire additional FTEs to keep up.

We were guided through the process, received honest feedback and now have a website we are incredibly proud of.

I couldn’t recommend John and the whole team highly enough. Many thanks again.
Pat Finn
We have been working with John and his team for over a year and the work they have done is outstanding.

He is so proactive with his support and helps us improve our website and SEO.

John strategically works to ensure we have the highest visibility possible. Our rankings have gone from the back pages to the top search positions in the areas we track under his team’s guidance and work.

Every time we bring him a new marketing request he jumps on it and gets it done professionally exceeding our expectations.

It’s wonderful to have such a strong partner helping us!
Scott Zielski
We’ve been working with John for over two years.

He built our website and has managed our digital marketing presence since then.

We’ve seen continual improvements month-on-month. 2019 was our best year yet. Organic traffic was up over 400% year-on-year and enquiries have followed the same pattern.

We believe his expertise, passion and appreciation of our business has significantly contributed to our success and we continue to work closely with him Thank you, John.
Camino Recovery
John was introduced to us by both friends and colleagues. We were and continue to be incredibly grateful for that introduction.

John has advised, supported and encouraged. His understanding of our ‘just a little bit different’ vision in adolescent mental health care, together with his patience, has allowed us to evolve online continually.

We have seen our enquiries and visibility online increase exponentially.

John leads with enthusiasm, style and a great sense of humour. We have recommended John to others ‘stuck in a marketing rut’.

We would be truly lost without John and his team. Here’s to another great year as a team. Many thanks, John. Fiona, Malek and The Wave Team
Fiona Yassin
I was really impressed by John’s work for a client I was working with that we hired him to do an audit of our site.

His report was so thorough and actionable that we went ahead and starting working with him on a monthly basis.

I’ve been doing SEO and digital marketing myself for over 8 years now, but it’s not the only thing I do, and I’m far from an expert.

However, I’ve seen a lot of ineffective SEO “experts” and strategies over the years and John is the real deal. He’s also extremely fun to work with!
Ben Camp
John performed an in-depth technical audit of our website, customised to specific objectives.

The results were presented in a thorough written report and structured in such a way that it was very easy for our own in-house developers to implement the suggested enhancements.

Backed by years of experience helping many clients across diverse industries, John’s SEO knowledge is impressive.

He doesn’t waste his or the client’s time with generic SEO consultancy but focuses on those areas which are most relevant for your business and online performance.

John lives up to his well-earned reputation and is an absolute joy to work with, which we definitely will continue to do. Highly recommended SEO expert!
Nicholas Eastham
The concept of coding academies is still pretty new in Southern Spain.

We thought we had a great website and ranked for the right terms. And we weren’t all wrong. But oh boy, there was so much room for improvement!

John wrote a detailed technical and opportunities report for malaga.smartninja.es. It highlighted technical, indexing and targeting opportunities. Each point for improvement was accompanied by a concrete solution.

We passed John’s report back to our international headquarters. The owners, who work in digital, were impressed enough to implement John’s suggestions across more than 9 countries.

We asked for suggestions to improve the ranking of our website and got a road-map for online success as an answer. Highly recommended!
Ben Kolp
Meeting John has been a life changing experience in many respects.

1st, he is a great guy , incredibly friendly and helpful. 2nd, he has worked wonders with my website in terms of improving SEO, GA, teaching me and generally cleaning up issues.

I have no hesitation if recommending him and I know we will have an ongoing relationship. Thanks John.
Ralph Moorhouse
John is amazing at what he does!

I have been working with him now for several months and will continue for as long as I care about my SEO.

When he started working with us we weren’t ranking for any key terms.

Now we rank in the top 5 positions on many of our most competitive keywords.

Really professional and honest. Truly a pleasure to work with him!
Rabbi Adam Nesenoff
SEO was always one of those I knew had to be done but I always found more instant lead generation was the go to for my budget, that’s until I was introduced to John Kramer.

John explained the benefits, was honest about the timing and demonstrated a really good understanding of my industry sector.

A year in and my web traffic has increased but more importantly the time spent on my site has increased and the ultimate win is that the conversions have increased and the investment has more than paid for itself.

John works hard in the “now” but has his focus on the “next” so you can trust him and his team to keep you on focus but also lean, ready and able to switch up when new marketing opportunities present themselves.

Thanks to all at John Kramer Marketing.
Darren Brown
We have been working with John Kramer since October 2019.

John is highly professional, organised and skilled across a number of areas. He has greatly improved our website performance, ranking, and security.

John’s experience in the field goes far beyond SEO. He has worked with us on content creation, communications, marketing (online and offline) and events.

He has brought new ideas to the table and enabled their implementation.

Working with John is a pleasure because everything is always well organised, delivered on time and on budget.
David Sutcliffe
John is a real SEO artisan, he is an expert in his field and I’ve no hesitation in recommending him.

I’ve had a website for nearly 20 years now and along the way, I’ve experienced many, many so-called experts, all of whom have not delivered on their promises.

John is different; he won’t pretend that the problem is easily fixed, and he won’t give you unachievable timelines. He is meticulous in his approach and a white-hat SEO fanatic. His obsession with a technically perfect website is second to none.

He’s not interested in rankings (which, of course, does matter). He’s interested in how the traffic he sends to your site converts. It doesn’t matter how high you rank if you have no conversions. Conversions are king, as we all know, and once he finishes, you will convert.

John will ensure that your site is well looked after, he’ll be monitoring it with a very keen eye, and nothing will slip through the net with him.

When I approached John, he told me something that I didn’t want to hear, that I needed a new website; it was true, I did, and that’s why my previous one had delivered no conversions for quite some time. We spent a considerable amount of time getting every tiny minute detail correct; from the look and feel of the website to the navigational journey, everything had to be perfect.

Now we have an excellent site, the rankings are doing very, very well, and I am very happy. Don’t expect it to be quick but do expect it to be perfect. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for SEO.

A great bonus is that John is a really nice guy and very easy to talk to.
Mandy Applegate
John knows and loves online marketing. He was instrumental in turning Spain-holiday.com into the success it is today.

Quite simply, John gets results!
Claus Sorsensen
My team worked with John and his colleagues for a few months.

They did a Technical SEO Audit for our site, which proved incredibly useful in identifying key issues, and gave us clear solutions for how to solve.

We also worked with John to resolve some of these issues.

He is smart, quick to respond, works tirelessly to make sure things are improving, and really knows the SEO industry for a wide variety of sites.

If you need a restructure, or need to move the dial on traffic, get in touch.
Daniel Zweier
John is so competent and professional! You feel secure that he is going to find the best solution for your specific case.

He is passioned for this work, he is very reliable, fast working and will accompany you in each step, making it very easy and understandable even for someone as me who does not have any knowledge of web design and marketing the new business. I easily recommend him 100%! Thank you John.
Marina Scateni
Our business website had been dropping in the Google rankings for more than two years.

John effectively identified the changes that need to be made.

We made the changes and we have seen a significant increase in our rankings. Good work John!
Paul Greene
Following a new web build our rankings and traffic dropped.

John identified the issues, explained them to us in an easy to understand way and went about fixing them.

He found and fixed thousands of internal redirects and non-secure resources and sent detailed responses and spreadsheets of all the work he would do. John went above and beyond for us and I am extremely happy with the level of professionalism and work done! VERY highly recommended!
I have worked with John for several years on various different projects and always highly valued and respected his input and direction.

He combines an in-depth technical understanding of websites and SEO with many years of experience in content marketing and strategy.

He’s a great communicator who can translate complicated topics into advice that’s easy to understand.

I’d highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.
James Hubbard
John is calculated, experienced, and has an eye for detail. I am a small business owner. Every hour counts.

John detailed his actions each week, providing statistical reports, and explaining what hours were spent on which part of the job. I also asked for his input for brainstorming new ideas.

John contributes on multiple levels and is a true professional.

The proof will be in the eating of the pudding; however, right now, I am happy with my decision to work with John rather than various market alternatives. Good guy, honest with integrity.
David Carter
John and his colleagues are highly professional.

They know what they are doing.

I can only recommend them!
Dr. Claudia M. Elsig
John’s forensic knowledge of IT, web design issues, SEO, and much else besides has been a colossal help in helping my company fine-tune its online presence.

I would recommend John Kramer Marketing to anyone, without any hesitation whatsoever.
Tricolsol SL
John helped with the launch of my site by installing Google Analytics, and Tag Manager, setting up Search Console and basically making sure all was being indexed and read properly.

He was fast, efficient, helpful and provided me with a lot of technical information.

It’s been a pleasure working with him.
Ileana Rontea
As a Spanish Lawyer working for English speaking Expats in Spain I found the right person to direct my online marketing in John Kramer. He understands both cultures and has been in the Expat industry for years. He is committed and meets his deadlines and plans so…. I feel very safe after trying with a good number of companies before.

Very honest and transparent man!

Traffic and business have grown since hiring John. So… what else could I ask for?
María Luisa De Castro
I have worked with John for the past three years.

His knowledge of SEO and content strategy is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone thinking of embarking on an online marketing project.
Carrie Larwood
When my website was about to be featured in the Sunday Times, I asked John to look at the structure and content and recommend improvements.

He recommended several changes to improve the overall performance of the site, including: migration to a secure server, tracking and goals setup, speeding the site up and creating a custom built tracking area.

He undertook the work and literally took my site from receiving very few enquiries to receiving regular enquiries which have transformed my business.
John is professional and great to work with. I would recommend him to any business who needs to improve the performance of their website in terms of delivering better and more leads. Thanks John!
Louise Brace
John is more than “just” a highly competent and totally reliable professional who will set up amazing websites and take care of every detail for you.

He has done two for me so far and they’re great, but what I’m most impressed with is his attitude, the way he gets his huge knowledge of SEO and organic growth across to you and the way he guides you in the right direction once everything is in place.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Simona Mango
Since John applied his extensive knowledge to my website I’ve seen big increases in ranking and traffic.

John did a very thorough report on the site – leaving no stone uncovered! – and offered lots of very helpful suggestions to take my site to another level on Google.
I’m gradually working through them and John is available at every turn to offer advice or additional information.

His approach is methodical, practical and easy-to-follow. I’m not very techy and don’t quite understand how Google works so I really appreciate how good John is at explaining concepts and how to do things.

He has given me great insight into the workings of internet rankings too, which has definitely helped me in my marketing role.

If you’re looking to boost your site, both rankings on Google and traffic, I’d definitely recommend you ask John for his help.

Not only is he very professional but also gets results and quickly. I started to see mine within the first month! Highly recommended.
Joanna Styles
I worked with John on a new web build for a fairly large and high traffic site in the wellbeing industry.

He oversaw the structural and technical aspects of the build, as well as the subsequent migration.

Despite a complete restructuring of the site and a new design (which relied heavily on crisp images), there were no issues.

Everything was carefully planned and executed from the start.

John’s technical SEO knowledge really is second to none and he is a pleasure to work with.
Sam Wilson
John is an outstanding technical marketing expert.

He conducted a thorough technical audit of one of my websites and took the relevant actions to address the issues that have emerged from the audit. He is extremely professional, very committed, and driven to deliver according to the deadlines agreed.

Thru his work John has certainly made a difference to my capability to make the most out of my online business.

I highly recommend John and I will certainly rely on his expertise in the future!
Paola Gheis
John helped me install Google Tag manager and set up tracking for web funnels.

And also helped optimise my websites. All good, highly recommended!
Tijs Hensen
John helped us with the Google Analytics configuration and search console setup.

He also helped us with some redirects. Thanks a lot, John!
Ana Salamanca
John did a competitor analysis for us, and it exceeded our expectations.

Excellent work and easy to work with.

We will keep on working with him.
Behsaad Ramez
John helped us with several issues we had with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and beyond that worked to create a great working relationship between himself and the company I work for.

Super knowledgable, kind and an all around wizard.
Jonathan Friedman

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