White River Manor: Therapy retreat, based in South Africa.

Our custom-coded and multilingual website gave White River Manor a competitive edge in a contested niche. We devised a content strategy that drove a huge uptick in organic traffic, leading to a fully booked retreat year-on-year.

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The rehabilitation sector in South Africa is a competitive niche, heightened by a dip in foreign visitors since 2020. Competition is high, and new customers are hard to find.

For White River Manor, the challenge was to ensure their world-leading service was being seen amidst the competitive set. The current website wasn’t ranking for the right keywords, and the user experience on-site was clunky and left plenty to be desired.

HeadquarterSouth Africa
Our servicesWeb design, Marketing

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The Solution

A custom-coded, Gutenberg-designed website was constructed across two languages. The UX flow, pulled from industry best practices, ensured new site visitors had a clear and simple nav to services and resources.

Our content strategy drove thousands of highly relevant new users, delivering a 260% uplift in organic traffic and over 130 keywords across Google’s top 10 result pages. Ultimately this resulted in White River Manor seeing a huge uptick in bookings over our partnership.

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The Detailed Results

Drawing on UX best practices and bespoke design language, we custom-coded a Gutenberg website for White River Manor. Alongside the site, we created and crafted every line of copy for every service and key detail. This ensured the user enjoyed a slick and engaging experience, and Google could read and rank the site.

With the digital foundations in place, we devised a content strategy that looked to elevate the clients amongst a busy competitor set.

Our content strategy targeted lucrative and relevant keyword themes such as addiction, mental health, cognitive dissonance, acceptance, gaslighting, and more. We produced remarkable content that channelled White River Manor’s world-leading expertise to meet Google searchers with answers to their questions on important therapy topics.

The combination of a powerful new website and an effective content strategy resulted in a 260% YoY rise in organic traffic and consistent uptick in enquiries and bookings.


Top 10 Google Rankings


Organic traffic increases 2022 – 2023


Enquiries Increase

“I have had the privilege of working with John on many different projects over the past 6 years.

He is quick to respond, focused on achieving the goal, and thinks outside the box to provide each client with a unique, one-of-a-kind approach.

I would not hesitate to recommend John for any project that requires effective communication, amazing service, and top-tiered deliverables.”

George Georgas
New Business Development Manager

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