4 reasons why you need a marketer


When you ask someone what they do and get “marketer” as the answer, the chances are that you’ll nod vaguely and probably be none the wiser.

Marketer belongs to that category of jobs you know are essential, but don’t quite get what they’re all about.

But like copywriter and community manager (they both get a vague nod too), marketers form the backbone to any successful business.

In the nutshell, they build the bridge between your business and your customers.

Without that vital connection, your company has little chance of success.

But if the bridge analogy hasn’t quite convinced you, here are four compelling reasons why you need a marketer.

You want something other than advertising

If you thought marketing was a synonym of advertising, think again.

While a marketer may well advise you to include promotional campaigns – ads on social media, Google PPC, etc – as part of your overall strategy, marketing isn’t about advertising.

In this department, there are no hard sells, no cold calls and no in-your-face promotions.

Unlike advertising, a marketer takes a much subtler approach to getting your business to the forefront.

Using many different tools to create the perfect formula, the marketer helps your business stand out by showing potential clients that you offer exactly what they’re looking for.

A marketer builds the path to your business for potential clients to follow and then keeps the path clear and well-lit.

You want your business to have the edge

Using an expert marketer allows your business to rise above the surface and stand out in the very busy digital marketplace.

When potential clients come across your website, social media profiles, blog posts or downloads, they’ll be instantly aware of the benefits you provide.

They know immediately how you’ll solve their problems.

The result? They buy.

Bottom line? Invest in the right marketer and your business becomes the beacon at the end of the tunnel.

You want someone to bring it all together

Think of marketing as a recipe and the marketer as the chef.

By adding the right ingredients in the right measure and “cooking” them for just the right amount of time, a marketer creates the perfect formula for your business.

But which ingredients is your marketer bringing together?

Your potential clients

We said at the start of this piece that a marketer builds the bridge between your business and your potential clients.

The foundations for this bridge come from knowing who your clients are.

Through comprehensive analysis of your business (and your competitors), your marketer will establish your client profile, aka your buyer persona.

Once your marketer knows who’s visiting your website, what they’re looking for and why, understanding your users’ intent, they’ll design a marketing strategy based on giving your buyer persona exactly what they’re looking for.

“Personally, I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms.”

Dale Carnegie

The best possible website

In the digital world, your website is your shop window.

A marketer will help you make your display as attractive and as effective as possible.

Using the philosophy of “less is always more”, your marketer will help you create a website design that draws potential clients in from the very first click and keep them engaged while they’re browsing.

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”

Bryan Eisenberg

Compelling content

As well as great design and images, your website needs great copy.

Your marketer will advise you on the content you need to appeal to your audience.

Great content includes:

  • Regular blog posts to help your website fresh and happening as well as provide tips and information for your visitors;
  • Free downloads for lead generation or database growth;
  • White papers to show your authority in your business area;
  • Relevant and interesting posts and shares on the right social media channels for your clients;
  • Videos explaining your business and how it helps your clients;
  • Regular newsletters to keep your clients up-to-date with the latest in your business.

Put simply, a marketer guides potential customers to you and your business.

Google’s full attention

Having an attractive website packed with great content only works if Google notices it.

Getting Google’s attention is another major reason why you need a marketer.

Through SEO strategies such as careful choice of keywords and tracking and analysing traffic, your marketer will help your website get noticed by Google.

As a result, it will ride up the rankings, stand out in the crowd and get more visitors interested in your business.

Get an expert marketer to bring it all together so you can concentrate on what you’re best at.

Constant tweaks

As well as building the bridge between your business and your customers, a marketer helps you maintain your position.

Through monthly analysis and tracking of your website traffic, social media interactions and lead generation, your marketer can keep an eye on your progress.

And make tweaks to improve it and ensure the bridge to your business provides the right path for potential clients to cross.

An expert marketer provides impactful visibility, continual support and above all, real results.

A marketer creates a strategy to fit your business

And only yours.

The best marketers know that there’s no one size fits all.

Those with experience have seen for themselves that something that works for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another.

This track record plus their expertise helps them shape a strategy that suits your business type and model, and most importantly of all, attracts the right clients for you.

Think of your marketing strategy as a honeypot to clients looking for what your business provides.

Ready to make your website work with you?

Get in touch to discover how the right marketer can make all the difference to your business.

And from day 1.

About John Kramer

My name is John Kramer, and I am a Malaga-based SEO fanatic. Marketing is my passion. With over 15 years of experience in digital, I am constantly energised by the ever-changing landscape of search. A seasoned marketer with a passion for helping small and mid-sized businesses succeed in the digital age. Proud father, husband, and outdoor enthusiast.