Tikvah Lake: High-end luxury rehabilitation centre in Florida.

A luxury rehab retreat in Florida, USA. We forged a strategic path for Tikvah Lake that enabled them to combat an extremely competitive niche. Crafted web design, sound SEO and compelling content produced a profound market fit.

Tikvah Lake


Luxury rehab in Florida is a competitive niche, and every key player has a USP to shout about. To aggravate the category challenge, Tikvah Lake had low levels of online trust, no search engine authority and minimal organic traffic.

This was having a negative impact effect on leads and enquiries. The website didn’t work, and acquisition had dried up. Tikvah Lake needed a digital rebuild and a roadmap to bring relevant and high-intent traffic to the business. Time to get to work.

HeadquartersSebring, Florida
Our servicesWeb design, Marketing

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The Solution

We rebuilt the Tikvah Lake website from the ground up. We used custom code and acclaimed UX frameworks to ensure search engine authority was established and the user experience heightened.

These foundations were plugged into a content strategy that hit velocity fast. We delivered a 15000% increase in organic traffic, a 6200% increase in enquiries and over 400 top 3 rankings on Google. Acting like a supercharger to the Tikvah Lake business over a 3-year period, our activity left the clients delighted.

With a fresh website, we conducted rigorous keyword research on rehabilitation. The aim was to skyrocket Tikvah Lake’s organic traffic. Through consistent and remarkably good content, we positioned Tikvah Lake Recovery as the No 1 search result for ‘Luxury Rehab Florida’, a search term that returns thousands of relevant BoFu monthly searches. These are audiences arriving ready to buy.

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The Detailed Results

The first step was identifying the problem:

We’ve delivered over 1.1 million organic visitors to the Tikvah Lakes website in 3 years. The business now ranks in 468 top 3 Google search results.


Top 10 Page 1 Google Rankings


Visitors Increase


Enquiries Increase

John is amazing at what he does! I have been working with him now for several months and will continue for as long as I care about my SEO.

When he started working with us, we weren’t ranking for any key terms. Now, we rank in the top 5 positions on many of our most competitive keywords.

Really professional and honest. Truly a pleasure to work with him!
Rabbi Adam Nesenoff
Founder Tikvah Lake

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