Maui Recovery

Maui Recovery is a luxury rehabilitation centre on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. It serves as a sanctuary for individuals battling addiction. With more than 50 other centres nearby, competition is tough.


Maui Recovery had a big problem. Their website didn’t showcase their excellent services, it didn’t get much traffic, and it had a confusing brand image. To make matters worse, an old, clunky theme made it hard to find on search engines.

HeadquartersMaui, Hawaii
Our servicesWeb design, Marketing

Maui Recovery Desktop Mockup

The Solution

Our solution was comprehensive. We carried out a complete website overhaul with a primary focus on user experience, ensuring seamless mobile-first navigation and a clear overview of their services.

The revamped website, powered by a blazing-fast Gutenberg base, was purposefully designed with the user in mind. Simultaneously, we implemented robust SEO enhancements to enhance their search engine presence.

But our efforts didn’t stop there. To bolster their authority in addiction treatment, we conducted in-depth keyword research to address the questions and concerns of potential clients. We also rebuilt and relaunched their paid campaigns, fine-tuning them to align with user intent.

The Detailed Results

Our content strategy resulted in a treasure trove of informative articles and resources directly catering to those seeking addiction treatment.

Prospective clients were able to find answers to pressing questions and this proved an effective funnel for traffic and enquiries, resulting in a significant uptick in conversions.

As a result, Maui Recovery is now a leader in luxury addiction treatment, epitomising the transformative power of strategic content and design. Our data-driven approach, underpinned by meticulous keyword research and exceptional content creation, not only elevated their online presence but also fuelled sustained growth year after year.

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