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Cromwell Farm Kennels in the UK is a trusted place for dogs and cats. Located in beautiful surroundings, they’re known for lovingly caring for pets. But in today’s online world, they hit a snag.

Their website was outdated and didn’t draw many visitors. It looked disjointed and was hard to find on search engines. They asked us to give their online image a complete makeover.

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Cromwell Farm Kennels, a cherished haven for our four-legged friends in the UK, has long been a beacon of hope and care for dogs and cats.

Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sussex, their commitment to the welfare of animals has garnered them a loyal following. However, in a digital age where online presence is pivotal, Cromwell Farm Kennels faced a pressing challenge.

Their existing website, much like others we’ve encountered, was plagued by issues that hampered its effectiveness. It failed to attract organic traffic, lacked design coherence, and sported an outdated theme that hindered its search engine visibility. Recognizing the need for a fresh start, Cromwell Farm Kennels entrusted us with a monumental task – to reimagine their digital presence from the ground up.

IndustryAnimal welfare
HeadquartersSussex, UK
Our servicesWeb design

Cromwell Farms Desktop Mockup

The Solution

We dove deep into Cromwell Farm Kennels’ online challenges. Our first move? A total website makeover, centered on a smooth user experience. We redesigned everything: from the logo to branding, ensuring it resonated with their mission. The site, built with Gutenberg blocks, was all about the user’s needs.

Cromwell farms Mobile and Tablet view

The Detailed Results

The impact of our efforts has been nothing short of astounding, as echoed by Cromwell Farm Kennels’ own Pat Finn:

We never really appreciated the impact a great website would have. Our business is invariably word of mouth and recommendations, but the impact of the website has been incredible. Even some of our existing customers now contact us via the website. Business has never been so good and has forced us to hire additional FTEs to keep up. We were guided through the process, received honest feedback, and now have a website we are incredibly proud of.”
Pat Finn
Owner of Cromwell Farms

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