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Correctly installed and defined tracking is vital for any online presence.

Data needs to be properly collected, interpreted and acted upon. Every decision needs to be data driven. Without data we are blind.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimise are tools that I use daily and certified by Google to do so.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of increasing the trust your website creates with its visitors. I can help you achieve the online credibility you deserve.

CRO requires the proper use of statistics, software, A/B and Multivariate testing. I have years of experience using heat and click mapping tools, customer surveys and CRO software to improve conversions on your website

Data driven marketing. All decisions should be data driven.


I am Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certified. Tracking and data collection needs to be implemented properly. It’s something that needs to be correctly setup from the start.


Most existing Google analytics accounts have legacy problems and issues. Carrying out a full audit of all tracking, goal and event setup is standard and something I have years of experience doing. Your data needs to be trustworthy and actionable.

Goals and Conversions

What are your goals? Every business has different goals and desires. These need to be clearly defined, tracked and monitored. From telephone calls, form fills-ins, video views, to downloads. Everything can be tracked and assessed. Campaigns need to be carefully tagged and segmented.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

A/B testing and multivariant testing should be continual and ever present on all websites. You need to understand how people interact with your website and products. And then cater for them accordingly. Heat mapping software, surveys, user session videos and CRO software can all help.

Enhanced Ecommerce

Ecommerce sites need careful tracking, tagging and implementation to ensure that the data you collect is trustworthy and actionable. You need to know what makes money and why. You need to see where drops are occurring and identify areas for improvement. Goal funnels, enhanced ecommerce metrics and proper segmentation should be standard.

Actionable Data

Data is useless unless it is properly assessed and actionable. Actionable insights are the missing link for companies that want to drive business outcomes from their data. Insights can then influence decisions and drive change. Your data needs to be clean, segmented and properly analysed.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

It is the practice of increasing organic traffic to a website and building a business’s brand awareness by making website pages, blog posts and other website content visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

There are many aspects to SEO, including Technical SEO, on-page SEO, keyword research and off-page SEO.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about building the right foundations for a highly visible, long lasting website, and subsequently, business.

Technical SEO is the process of indexing in the search engine results pages by optimising a website’s performance.

Think of it like building a house: Without the right foundations, it will crumble.

Search engines judge your site based on technical checks, including status codes, website speed, mobile friendliness and the ability to crawl/render everything.

Without taking care of your technical SEO, your website won’t index properly and consequently, it won’t be seen by your target customer.

SEO (when performed correctly) directly correlates with good user experience, more website visibility and increased organic traffic over time.

Good SEO practices allow website visitors to find, access and absorb higher quality content much easier.

It also helps a business build a brand and website that converts better, and that lasts for years to come.

Many SEO agencies will tell you that it takes four to six months to start seeing results.

But it’s important to note that there is no destination when it comes to SEO. It’s an iterative practice that requires attentive care and patience over time.

It requires a business to invest in a long-term strategy, not short-term quick wins.

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